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Omg where did you find it?

nyaa.eu xD
but it’s raw ,so yea.. 

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LOL yeah this is really silly. Anyways have fun with that. XD

oh i will xD

I completely agree with you just. wOW.

thank you for agreeing

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Oh xD. I live in the States/USA. I got out earlier than everyone around me so.

oh, okay xD

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I start in six days omg ._.

aw, poor bby ;A;
may i ask, where do u live ?(sounds like finn to me xD) 

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Her eyes are originally brown in the manga, but in the anime they are blue :)

both depending on the mood of the dudes who draw her for the anime


I would say blue. Because if I remember correctly, they were only brown once? I’m not sure? But I would definitely go with blue.

aha, okay ಠ_ಠ
in the end i’m still confused 

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Your Ace mouse is so cute~

thank you =w=

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missmarimo started following you

thanks for following :3
i love ur url xD 

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