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cutie <3

thank you ;w;

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Dont be sorry Carry on with no fucks given


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iluvwind said: Uhhhhh….. Your profile picture, the fact that you sent these out to people, What color are your eyes????

i do ? haha
my eyes are dark, dark brown uwu

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imaginehamsters said:inimestel täna mingi unfollow spree; täpselt enne valentini how rude

nojh, mis teha xD. unfollow’ad ennem ära kui vinguma hakkan :’D

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ah, well, I guess I would if I had one

go make it ! :)

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myanimelist.net/profile/Sasafune :D

you are already on my friend’s list :’D

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rizamarmot said: kana ja kukko

that’s right xD

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He is such a cutie <3 Happy New Year too, sweetheart! ♥ I hope you’ll have an awesome new year to come.

i really doubt about that, but thank you dear and same to you !

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move your stupid ass then more

i don’t have a one :(

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thugcat said: i can still only picture u with ur blue wig i definitely support the idea of u dying ur hair blue

i wanted to dye my hair to similar color haha

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it’s perf

im gonna keep it after xmas is over lol

aww :(

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kui ma kunagi teen siis panen su kohe esimeseks :D:D:D

ma tänan lol

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