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1. Do you like reading~? - lol nope

2. Are you afraid of death? - not really

3.What kind of music do you like~? - every kind of music

4. Manga , Anime or Both~? - depends, manga mostly

5. Do you have a favorite OST~? - there isn’t atm

6. How do you want to name your children~? - no one

7. Favorite color~? - black

8. Any place you want to visit in the future~? - Japan, Norway, Germany, France etc.

9. If you had a chance to meet your favorite celebrity who would you like to meet~? - Tom Hiddleston

10. OTPs~?! - not gonna tell =w=

11. What makes you feel happy~? happy people, cosplaying, sleeping, watching anime etc.

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  1. 3 things that makes you happy the most. - anime, sleeping, tumblr
  2. What’s your favourite country? - Japan
  3. What is 1 thing that you like the most about yourself? - my sexy low voice :F
  4. Do you remember the first book that you’ve ever read? - uh, no ? o-o
  5. Do you play any instrument? - no v__v
  6. What is the best thing in the internet except tumblr? - umm, fanficton.net 8D
  7. How many stuffed toys do you have? - one v__v
  8. Do you play any games on the computer? - stepmania o0o
  9. At what age did you start to go to school? - 6
  10. What’s your favourite drink? - coca cola o0o
  11. Do you like your hair? Why/why not? - not really, it’s sooo curly and annoying at the same time
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